Hyperpersonal Shopping Experience

Many different customers visit your website and e-commerce platform. They should feel understood and easily find the right products. Otherwise, they will quickly leave your shop and switch to a competitor. Resulting in lost sales and thus less revenue.

It is important to thoroughly understand individual needs and to offer a surprisingly relevant shopping experience across your channels. Become a digital shop assistant and make sure your consumers find what they are looking for – or even something better!

  • Increase basket value
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Decrease return rates

These Inspire modules help your consumers to find the right offer

Personal recommendations

Different phases in the customer journey ask for different types of advice. Offer relevant and personalized recommendations at every point of sale.

Inspire thoroughly understands your customers needs, based on historical clicks and purchases. Personalize your homepage and search results to make sure that your customers easily find what they are looking for.

Contextual recommendations

Offer relevant substitutable or complementary products for cross- and upsell. On product pages, as check-out promotion or to add on personal wishlists.

Inspire learns from the clicking and purchasing behavior of all other customers to find the best matching complementary and substitutable products in any context.

Dynamic product lists

Relevance above all. Make sure that your customers easily find the products that they are looking for, on every page.

Inspire helps you to rank your products in order of relevance for every unique customer, taking into account the variety of your offerings. It analyzes every interaction and updates frequently to reflect changes in behavior, seasonality and stock levels.

Event based retargeting

Timing is everything. Customers indicate that they are ready to buy in many ways, ranging from webshop visits and abandoned carts, to an increase in mail opens and clicks.

Inspire analyzes events and predicts the perfect timing to reach-out to your customers to get them back in your store.

Taste discovery

Is your customer a first time visitor? No problem at all. Make sure they feel understood from the first moment onwards.

Inspire helps you to quickly get a grasp of their taste and preferences in an interactive dialog. Let your customers express themselves through examples, resulting in a much more natural and relaxed buying experience.

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There are a lot of factors that influence the holiday you are looking for, such as travel company, type- and duration of the trip. With Inspire we were able to offer a relevant and personalized offer to each customer from the large selection from across the travel group.
Mike de Block
CMO at Bookit
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