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Do you know what your consumers are looking for?

Thoroughly understand your consumers’ needs and personalize your offerings. Become surprisingly relevant in all stages of the buying journey and across all your channels, whether it’s your website, app, direct mail or customer service center. Become a digital shop assistant and make sure your consumers find what they are looking for – or even something better!

Know what your consumers are looking for

You attract many different people in your store, each of them with their own needs. To help them in their buying process and guide them to the right offer, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of what each individual is looking for. Personalize your product lists and shop experience accordingly to make your consumer feel understood and boost conversion.

Become surprisingly relevant

With digital shop assistance, you become surprisingly relevant for your consumers. Every stage of the buying process requires a different approach, with personal promotions, cross- and upsell recommendations, and post-purchase advice will increase your average revenue per customer.

Integrate the offline and online environment

The shopping experience is not limited to physical stores and webshops only. Direct mail, apps, platforms, and even customer service play an important role in guiding your consumer to the right offer. Provide a consistent personalized experience via all these channels when your consumer reaches out to you!

We build our shopping solutions on top of

Our solutions to guide your consumers to the right offer

Personalized shopping experience

Offer your consumers a personalized shopping experience in your e-commerce channels to boost conversions and transaction value. Personalize all stages of the shopping process from product lists and cross- and upsell recommendations to special check-out promotions. Let your consumers feel understood and find what they are looking for – or even something more!

Suggestions for subscription services

When selecting a subscription service for sports, entertainment, or even an insurance product, it can be hard to find the right package or coverage that best matches your needs. With package suggestions, you guide the consumer to the right package and make sure that he feels understood and has a good time consuming your services!

Return and fraud protection

Guiding consumers to the right offer is as important for the vendor as it is for the consumer. As vendor you want to prevent returns or fraud from happening, to achieve this you are able to predict whether a match between offer and consumer is successful or not. Giving the opportunity to recommend an alternative in time or cancel the order made.

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