Let's build a one-stop shopping experience

With personalized recommendations we are not only more relevant to our customers, which results in more sales. It also enables us to use the knowledge, patterns and insights to train our colleagues. 
Mirthe Dekkers
E-commerce and Marketing Manager at Destil

Let's build meaningful consumer relationships.

Consumer expectations in terms of shopping experience are rising, also in the B2B contexts. That’s why Destil focuses on delivering a high-quality service proposition and wants to guide their customers in their journey. This means: a convenient one-stop shopping experience, specialistic advice and fast delivery. Together with Destil we are continuously building on their customer experience and make sure that their customers have the same experience online as in store. In terms of service this means: fast Ddlivery, specialistic advice and a one-stop-shopping experience.

To deliver a one-stop-shopping experience DESTIL has to truly understand the needs and behaviors of their customers. Because of the immense assortment customers don’t know exactly what DESTIL has to offer and therefore often buy products at competitors which they also could buy at DESTIL. This means unnecessary inconvenience for the customer. By recommending the right products at the right time this can be prevented and at the same time sales opportunities arise. Therefore we have to recreate the human shopping assistance in their web shop by offering personalized recommendations.

Online revenue increase
Online margin increase

A one-stop-shopping experience

To create a supporting and converting website experience, we show the most relevant products to each individual customer based on a deep understanding of the customers’ needs and behavior. By combining transaction data from physical stores and various online data sources we create personalized recommendations and make the shopping experience as convenient as possible.

To further assist the customer and create a one-stop-shopping experience, products in the shopping basket are implicitly analyzed to predict the type of project the customer is shopping for and thereby recommending the essentials for that type of project. This to prevent the customer forgets to purchase an important item that can delay the project the customer is working on.

Consumer result

Every day we deliver a one-stop shopping experience to 400 customers 


Personalizing every step of the journey

The essentials
When a consumer opens the web shop they will immediately find their personalized shopping list based on their previous purchases and shopping behavior.

Stimulate cross- and upsell
When a consumer needs product he hasn’t bought before, we show recommendations of other products that are often bought together. In this way we guide the customer in finding the right products for his or her project. We do this over a broad range of product categories and the recommendations are automatically generated. Another advantage is that the customer is also more aware of the assortment of DESTIL.

A friendly reminder
At the check-out we recommend products that are likely to be forgotten, based on the items in the shopping cart. Since we all want that the construction worker is going to do his work successfully.

Working with Building Blocks means we are capable of translating huge amounts of available data into insights that really take our services to the next level. 
Mirthe Dekkers
E-commerce and Marketing Manager

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