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  • Let's improve Net Promotor Score
  • Let's do it First Time Right
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Are you available 24/7 and on-demand?

Consumers expect to be helped quickly when they need assistance. Handle questions automatically via chatbots and assist your agents in quickly finding the right solution. Offer fast and accurate service, be proactive and make sure your consumers feel understood.

Know what's on your consumers' mind

By analyzing all direct interactions with your consumers via all your channels, you get an accurate insight in which important issues your consumers are facing. This information can be used to improve your service levels or proactively offer information elsewhere in the customer journey.

The right answer, quickly and effortlessly

To handle incoming requests fast and accurately it is important that these are routed well over your service channels. Make sure you got a good balance and hand-off between automatic handling via bots and human agents for more complex and emotional issues. Our technology supports both in handling incoming questions quickly and accurately.

Prevent negative events from happening

To improve customer satisfaction it’s important to solve questions as good as possible and turn negative experiences into positive experiences. By discovering patterns in your data we predict which issues may arise on an individual level and offer pro-active service to prevent negative experiences from happening.

We build our service solutions on top of

Our solutions to offer care for your consumers when they need assistance

Collective Memory

Collective Memory assists your human agents to handle incoming requests quickly and accurately. It suggests the most relevant answers, information and forms based on all historical interactions. The agent has the option to accept, adjust or reject this information in their own conversations. In this way a feedback loop has been created and the Collective Memory will perform better over time. This substantially decreases handling times and improves customer satisfaction because of improved accuracy.

Digital Shopping Assistant

With a digital shop assistant you will give your consumers the personal experience they previously had in physical stores. The intelligent chat bot automatically handles repetitive questions and proactively assist your consumer in their buying journey by starting a real conversation. When more emotional intelligence is needed we make sure there is a smooth hand-off process to one of your human agents.

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