Hyperpersonal Customer Care

Consumers expect to be helped quickly and want to be treated as an individual when they need assistance. With Inspire you gain deep insights in the problems and wishes of your customers, so you can offer proactive services to help them even better than they would expect: fast, efficient and very personal.

  • Improve NPS
  • Decrease handling times
  • Do it first time right

Inspire modules for hyper personalized customer care

Call driver analysis

Detect the hottest topics in your customer service center. Explore, find trends and prevent unnecessary calls. Use insights to improve your service by proactively providing information to your consumers and by training your agents.

Inspire understands natural language and clusters conversations to detect what are currently the hottest topics. Spot trends, geographical differences en the most important triggering events in your incoming conversations.

Dynamic FAQ

Offer your customers a hyper personalized self-service experience.

Inspire predicts which questions are relevant to an individual consumer, considering customer characteristics, behavior and event history. Rank your frequently asked questions in order of relevance for every individual customer, and make sure that your customers quickly find the answers that they are looking for.

Collective memory

Build a collective memory of all answers ever given by your agents. Gain insights in the problems of your customers and proactively suggest answers to incoming questions, based on all historical conversations.

Inspire finds clusters of questions and lets your most experienced agents write model-answers  to help your less experienced workforce.

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Inspire supports our agents by an ever-learning & developing system. Building Blocks quickly understood our domain and suggested the right modules. The challenge we face is getting Humans (our agents) & machines to cooperate.
Daan van der Mijden
Director Customer Service at Samsung
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