Become a travel buddy for every traveler

With Inspire, you provide every traveler with an integrated and hyper-personalized booking experience. Omni-channel and on-demand.

  • A unique website experience for every customer;
  • Increase the effectiveness of email marketing;
  • Build a loyal customer base.

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Personalized guidance at every stage of the customer journey

One of the highlights of the year for many people is their holiday. Everyone desires an unforgettable journey. With Inspire, you provide your customers with relevant advice at every stage of the customer journey. Personalized and tailored. This way, you assist your customers effortlessly through the booking process, increase your conversion rate, and guarantee their worry free travel.

Inspire makes sure that your customers experience the holiday of their dreams, customized to their needs and the needs of their travel companions:

  • Inspire at every stage of the customer journey;
  • Always show a personally relevant offer;
  • Increase conversion and loyalty.

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An unforgettable journey from the first click

Booking a trip is a relatively long journey that consists of many choices and touchpoints. The excitement and anticipation start right from the first click when you start orienting yourself.

By listening to all interactions, Inspire builds hyperpersonalized profiles and knows exactly what your booker needs at any given moment. This ensures a relevant experience on the most effective channel.

From inspiring blogs to select the dream destination and choosing the right accommodation, to inspiring to do‘s and assistance on location.

With Inspire you make it an unforgettable journey from the first click.

"Building Blocks provided Corendon with a predictive solution for a personalized approach to nearly every aspect of marketing communication. In addition to the well-known digital channels (website, search, display and social), the more traditional channels such as print and phone also benefit from these accurate predictions."
Debora de Roos
Marketing Director at Corendon
"There are many factors that influence the trip you are looking for, such as travel companions and duration of the trip. With Building Blocks, we were able to provide a relevant and personalized offer from the entire travel group to each customer."
Mike de Block
CMO at Bookit

Vroegboeker of last-minute klant: timing is key!

You‘ve got early birds, lastminute travelers, and everything in between. Next to a suitable offer, it‘s at least as important that it is communicated at the right moment. Inspire knows which phase of the buying journey each customer is in and ensures appropriate communication. 

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