Warner Leisure Hotels

SDL Web 8 Scope & Build


SDL Web 8 Solution Scoping & Architecture

Warner Leisure Hotels offers premium hotel accommodation exclusively for adults in countryside locations across the UK.

Building Blocks provided Architecture, Development and Project Management to take Warner from SDL Tridion SP13 to SDL Web 8.

Building on the Warner digital roadmap we were tasked with providing documentation detailing the solution, technical design and implementation of the new SDL Web 8 platform and website.

Program of work

This technical implementation project formed part of a wider program of work, set out and driven by the digital roadmap. Building Blocks fully scoped the services that we will provide in developing this project including:

  • HTML creation and front-end development.
  • SDL Web 8 implementation and back-end development.
  • Support with business-process changes and content work.
  • Platform set-up, integrations and infrastructure support.

Building Blocks also collaborated with Warner on a high-level project plan and project governance to ensure accountability and effective communication.

Together we outlined the key factors under the headings of Specification & Build, Test, Deploy and UAT and Hand-over/Launch.

We detailed how these will flow throughout the project, delivering a plan which considered sprints for five main tracks, these being Project Management, Digital Content, Front-End Development, SDL Web Development and Infrastructure, Architecture and Integration.

We created a technical solution document for the new WLH website upgrade to SDL Web 8. This details the new instance of SDL Web 8 to be created and the relevant content related to the Booking System and the Entertainments API/Database to be ported from the SDL Tridion 2013 instance.

Another aspect of this project was the technical diagrams we produced to demonstrate the architecture and show the data, users and applications in a clear visual way.

Developing the build

The scoping of this project and our close collaboration with Warner has now led Building Blocks into developing the build of what we have detailed in our documentation.

We have found that spending quality time on full research at the beginning of the project will be beneficial in the long term as all parties are equipped with precise information.

UX Definition Phase

As they move to the new platform and website that Building Blocks scoped and will now build, we were also asked to provide UX, Design and Consultancy services.

As part of this our teams used their expertise in a wide range of areas to deliver IA review, taxonomy, SEO support, visual assets and functional specifications.

Taking UX deliverables from another agency we completed the IA and UX review and created the necessary functional specification documents.

This work was both highly detailed – touching on several areas – and time sensitive, with a period of five weeks to complete the definition phase before work on the build began. Building Blocks achieved this through developing a plan of action with Warner and their other partners in handover and review sessions.

As a result we successfully took the project from a period of insecurity to one of clarity, with all the right tools and knowledge being put into place before the build.