GE Lighting




The professional division of General Electric, GE Lighting, required a standardised, global digital platform to lower costs, improve quality and reduce time to market.

Switching GE Lighting from a fragmented to a centralised digital infrastructure model meant consolidating regional processes, tools and development.

Simplifying an overcomplicated system

The wide range of global territories managing digital projects in different ways, using various processes, platforms and suppliers, amounted to a complex and problematic approach.

This complexity was causing updates to GE’s digital touchpoints to take weeks and sometimes months. There were multiple codebases to maintain, and content management was entirely decentralised, leading to confusion and the same pieces of standard content being created numerous times, by different teams.

All of this was causing duplicated effort, high costs, lack of consistency and slow response times, all of which were preventing the business from communicating effectively with their global audience.

Centralised web management, localised content

Collaborating with a large, geographically dispersed GE team, we delivered an integrated platform, combining central control with local flexibility.

The websites are managed and updated centrally, while content layout and functionality can be pushed out for the local markets to use and localise.

We developed new templates and changes to ways of working through:

  • Workshops
  • Digital Operations Services
  • Consistent layout and structure
  • Dynamic content from product systems
  • Reduction in global operational costs.
  • Governance designs and modelling
  • Content management analytics

We ensured brand consistency and local needs would be met by developing a solution that would enable the easy and efficient sharing of localised content, and re-usable rich media.

Improving staff confidence while reducing costs

It’s not just the platforms we build, but the way we build them that brings benefits. Our close collaboration and mentoring of GE’s internal development team meant that they received the necessary training and support, empowering them to be more self-sufficient and continue to improve the platform and processes.

Staff confidence in the tools and systems they rely on was increased along with efficiency, all at the same time as reducing costs.

As well as implementing the technology, an operational transition had to be made around processes, governance and workflow. We helped GE Lighting to establish a global digital team and shape these new processes, which have been extremely well received.

The results

Building Blocks implemented a global platform, to support fourteen consistent websites. We managed the global rollout to thirteen countries, across four continents, in nine languages.

By bringing disparate systems together into a single, global platform, GE Lighting has benefited from reduced operational costs and an increase in efficiency. It can now utilise consistent, reusable global assets, templates and processes, which has the added benefit of ensuring consistency across the organisation, and aiding localisation.

The project was recognised at a GE group level, with the internal team receiving an award for the project.