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Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of eleven award-winning ships have set the worldwide standard for modern, luxurious cruise travel with their high quality, contemporary design and exceptional levels of service. In 2014, Celebrity Cruises undertook a digital project to improve the mobile journey on the website, increase conversion,and deliver a positive brand experience in-line with its ‘modern luxury’ values.

Over 50% of visits to the website were from mobile devices, and Celebrity wanted to ensure it was meeting customer needs with an optimised user journey, that was device-independent and would increase conversion.

Celebrity’s target demographic are luxury travelers; both those experienced in cruising and those considering it for the first time, with a broad age demographic from 35 upwards.


35 % increase in
online revenue
35 % increase in bookings from
unique visits
12 % increase in
mobile revenue
35 % decrease in the bounce
rate on mobile devices


​The first step Building Blocks undertook was a stakeholder workshop. By fully understanding Celebrity Cruises’ business objectives, we were able to create a digital vision and road map to help them achieve their goals.

This workshop involved exercises and discussions around business goals, current challenges, the sharing of design ideas from sites that the stakeholders liked, and exercises to define user personas and associated goals.

Building Blocks set up a number of stakeholder groups to help steer the project: a steering group, comprising of the people within Celebrity Cruises who were ultimately responsible for signing off the project; a stakeholder group, comprising of representatives from key departments within the business who could offer valuable input; user groups, comprising of people who represent Celebrity Cruises’ customers and who could be consulted about key project decisions and directions.

Throughout the entire process, Building Blocks was in constant communication with these groups. This process helped to not only steer the design, but helped the steering group secure internal support and buy-in, which is crucial when undertaking large scale digital projects.

Building Blocks rapidly developed prototypes to demonstrate ideas, and sought feedback on each of them from the various groups. This approach was invaluable to creating a successful solution.


This project focused on delivering the first phase, which was to develop creating a responsive solution that would increase conversion rates. For the scond and third phases, we recommended implementing personalisation and optimisation and, in the third phase, achieving closed loop customer journeys.

The first phase specifically included: digital brand and design guidelines; responsive interface build; enhanced cruise search, itinerary campaigns and tactical offers; manually controlled hub pages; sign-posts within static content cards and a single level content taxonomy.


To define the content structure, Building Blocks undertook a full content audit to uncover the silos and discover duplicated content. Celebrity had a lot of rich content, but some of the most valuable information was buried deep in a complex navigation structure.

Using analytics and personas, Building Blocks assessed customer visits to understand which information was most accessed and desired, to steer the content prioritisation for the new site.

In order to give the digital team the flexibility to display campaign content how they wanted, and thinking ahead to the future personalisation of the website, the agency proposed an atomised, content card approach. These content cards provide not only a flexible content management solution, but are also easily read on both desktop and mobile devices. Content cards can be distributed throughout the website to surface offers and deals, page summaries and editorial features. The offer cards drive traffic to the itinerary page, helping to guide people towards conversion.

cel2-476x476.jpg cel-476x476.jpg


We leveraged SDL’s customer experience technology to fully re-engineer the itinerary search. This solved Celebrity Cruises’ long-term customer struggle of not being able to search cruises by a specific country, port or location.

The Building Blocks creative team overlaid a rich brand story across the content, to create a slick, responsive and visually stunning website.

Building Blocks’ design, teamed with the capabilities of SDL, enables the site to be geared towards creating an excellent mobile customer experience. The site promotes conversion by simplifying the booking journey and exciting users with aspirational itinerary content and imagery.

We couldn’t be more delighted with the seamlessness and success of this project. Building Blocks and SDL’s combined digital vision and innovative solutions have produced a superior mobile experience.

Toby Shaw, Director of PR & Marketing, Celebrity Cruises