Butlin's 'Big Weekends' Rebrand & Build

Boasting revenue in excess of £185m , Butlin’s has been focused on providing affordable family holidays and events since 1936.

Tapping into the remarkable growth of the UK festival scene and building on the interest generated by the All Tomorrow’s Parties events at Butlin’s Minehead, the company has, in recent times, been developing its own music events.

Butlin’s Big Weekends website is focused on promoting their music events. For the rebranding and design refresh Building Blocks was tasked with taking already prepared designs, bringing them to life and making them work in practice.

Butlin's Bog Weekends site

Component Redesign

We provided design recommendations and estimates for the six main pages designs had been provided for and worked closely with Butlin’s to design further pages.

Through our team’s expertise with SDL Tridion, Razor, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS, the site was redesigned to a high standard. We restructured some components, and our QA team suggested how existing components could be used differently to provide a better layout.

As a result we produced a better looking and easier to navigate website with improved user experience. Since the new website went live, the bounce rate has continued to fall.