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Business systems to drive efficiency & improve customer experience

Building Blocks has a track record of success in delivering business systems that drive efficiency, reduce operational costs, encourage employee retention, and improve customer experience.

Building Blocks has developed extranets, record management systems, booking engines, My Account, intranets and knowledge bases for B2B and B2C sectors including travel and leisure, legal, healthcare, chemicals and many more.

Self Service Applications

Self Service Applications enable customers and employees to access information and perform routine tasks via digital tools, without requiring time and labour intensive interactions with a representative from your organisation.

By utilising Self Service Applications, you can not only improve your customer experience, but also make extensive cost savings by reducing the amount of resource needed to manage information requests.

For example: a detailed knowledge base or eLearning platform could replace a phone support system; account setup processes that require a dedicated team can be replaced with a digital system that enables customers to manage their own information; an online calendar could be implemented to enable employees and/or customers to book meetings and appointments with your representatives.


Successful intranets have the power to increase the productivity and performance of your employees. They can enable companies to create an innovative workforce that is engaged and receptive to organisational change.

By improving the usability of an intranet, adding transactional processes or aligning it to workflow practices, employee productivity can be enhanced.

We can help develop an intranet for your organisation that will: create an environment that reflects an employee's business, role, location and interests; assist employees with their work through innovative practices and tools; facilitate cross-working activity and collaboration across groups and departments; promote best practice and be inclusive of all your global employees.

Record Management Systems

We can develop a system for you that centralises all your record management data, by integrating your internal systems. This data can be centrally managed, and re-purposed for content across your digital estate.
We built the record management system for Guinness World Records

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