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We will help you improve your mobile customer experience

Optimising your website for mobile is crucial if you want to improve your customer experience and avoid losing business.

With 40% of mobile users will switch to a competitor’s website if they experience even the slightest problem, that’s a lot of business you could be missing out on. Mobile users have different objectives to desktop users, and your website should reflect this if you wish to engage effectively.

By providing mobile visitors with an appropriate and intuitive user experience, you will engage visitors for longer and drive more of them to purchase or enquire. Not only will a responsive website improve your customer experience, but with Google’s mobile algorithm favouring mobile-friendly sites, your organisation could be at search ranking disadvantage if you do not invest in a responsive site.

Our Design Team always design with a 'mobile-first' approach, and specialise in creating innovative, mobile responsive solutions that fully support your business objectives, whilst improving the customer experience.

Our responsive designs consistently drive revenue and reduce bounce rates for our clients. For example, Celebrity Cruises saw a 140% increase in online sales, with a 35% drop in mobile bounce rates.


Our Approach to Responsive Site Design

We use a tried and tested model of interactive workshops, aimed at ensuring your cross-platform strategy is right for your business and your customers. We break this down into three main stages: strategy; hierarchy; solution.

1. Strategy

We undertake a one day strategic workshop with your senior stakeholders, to build relationships and gain a deep understanding of wider brand influencing factors and drivers.

2. Hierarchy

Mobile content is component based and stacked on small screens. It is therefore essential we work with you to develop a clear hierarchy of content that matches your business priorities and your users’ requirements.

3. Solution

We work as a cross-disciplined team to develop an innovative, responsive design which addresses your business objectives, and reflects the challenges discovered during the workshops

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