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Business System Integration

We can integrate your legacy systems to improve your operational efficiency

One of the greatest challenges for any organisation wishing to undergo a digital transformation is managing multiple, unintegrated legacy systems. 

Common challenges include: upgrading one system breaks another; integration and security challenges stifle progress and innovation; remote workers require access; the necessity to reach customers at more touchpoints and on more devices than ever before; data storage needs to continue to grow and be accessible globally; data within legacy systems is hard to leverage.

Surfacing data to aid your digital marketing

Many organisations will have hidden treasure buried deep in internal databases that can be repurposed for digital touchpoints.

The challenge lies in unearthing this information, and making it accessible. Often, when multiple internal databases are used and markets are using disparate versions of marketing collateral, consistency, version control and workflow errors are common-place.

These databases need to be centralised and exposed, with interfaces added to enable the data to be monitored and used.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP, can be integrated with digital and marketing tools to enable the consolidation and effective sharing of information – all of which can help inform your communications, improve engagement and optimise lead generation.

Data Aggregation Solutions

Solutions to aggregate data from many systems into a common interface include:

MDM: Master Data Management comprising one or more systems that contain the definitive information.

SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture enables multiple computers and systems within a network to cooperate with each other.

API: An Application Programming Interface is used to enable the integration of new features into existing applications, or to share data between otherwise distinct applications.

CMS: Marketing-led content can be stored and managed in a centralised Content Management System.

DAM: Digital Asset Management can act as a centralised library of images, label information etc.

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