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Personalisation Strategy

Engage customers with relevant and timely content

One of the most important challenges we face in digital is providing our customers with more relevant and engaging content and experiences.

Customers increasingly expect a personalised and unique experience that is fully tailored to interests, browsing habits and level of brand loyalty.

Your approach to personalisation will increasingly determine how much long term value you can derive from your customer base. An effective approach to personalisation can also be an important driver in differentiating you within your sector by providing truly great user experiences.

We help organisations develop a strategy towards personalisation. In simple terms this process helps to define the key characteristics of your audience types, what content they find most enticing and where best to place this content on their user journey to encourage them to engage and convert.

A personalisation strategy is useful for an organisations that have silos of customer data and intelligence that could be harnessed to improve the effectiveness and relevancy of digital customer communications.

It is also a critical pre-requisite for companies who have invested in a modern Content Management System (CMS) that has personalisation capability. We help unlock the capability of your CMS and identify a realistic and achievable personalisation strategy that matches your internal capability and business needs.


Our Personalisation Process

Our Personalisation Strategy process is split into three phases.

CMS Technical Personalisation Audit 

We first take time to analyse your digital infrastructure to assess its potential to deliver personalised and targeted content. We also seek to uncover other potential positive drivers such as customer data silos, existing content inventory and editorial resource capability.

Audience Workshop 

This is a one day workshop involving key digital stakeholders and anyone from your organisation that has direct contact with customers.

We focus on three key tasks:  first we work with the group to identify your key audience types which we then prioritise as a group; we then work up detailed personas which define the key characteristics of our audience types including content needs and triggers for using your service; finally, we dig deeper to work up experience maps for each persona which defines a timeline of typical activity with your organisation and what opportunities there are at each step to improve the relevancy of content and overall experience. The outputs of this workshop then form the raw ingredients of our content plan and personalisation roadmap.

Content plan and personalisation roadmap 

This is the final output stage of our process where we take all inputs and construct a final plan. We devise a personalisation roadmap which sets out a short, medium and long term strategy and approach to platform optimisation, content development and supporting resources.

Following these three phases, we will document the outcomes of the CMS Technical Personalisation Audit, the Audience Research (audience types, personas and experience maps), and create for you a content plan and an achievable personalisation roadmap.

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