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As technology becomes a permanent fixture in everyday life, organisations are faced with an increasing need to update legacy technology strategies and supporting processes to better reflect how the real world is evolving.

Driving transformation and change from a digital perspective is a multi-faceted undertaking that needs to fully encompass People, Process, Platform and Performance considerations. It’s hard to know where to start, but what is clear is that the need to evolve from a digital perspective is becoming increasingly obligatory for organisations across all sectors.

A digital roadmap is a strategic plan which helps prioritise investment and effort over the short, medium and long term against our four digital pillars - People, Process, Platform and Performance. It identifies critical interdependencies and relationships between elements of your digital strategy, to maximise efficiency and define the scope of work packages. It also helps you model the kind of digital skills and resources you need to help drive digital forward and allows us to see how Building Blocks can best help you.

A roadmap can help any company that is investing in, or planning to invest in, digital infrastructure, people or processes. It is also useful for established businesses who have fragmented or overly complex legacy digital infrastructure. A roadmap can uncover previously unseen potential for connections between platforms and processes that can help organisations to better harness customer data, and create more engaging marketing strategies.


Our Digital Roadmapping process

Our Digital Roadmapping process is split into three phases:


We have devised a questionnaire to be completed by key digital stakeholders within your company. This provides us with a high level view of your digital landscape and any other influencing factors.

Workshop session

We facilitate a half day workshop with your key digital stakeholders to work through two key tasks. First we work through a traditional SWOT analysis from the perspective of our four digital pillars - People, Process, Platform and Performance. We then use the insight gathered from the SWOT to create a timeline of suggested activity detailing key deliverables over the Short, Medium and Long term. This is our draft Digital Roadmap.

Roadmap write-up

We take all the outputs from the sessions and create a write-up document. We consult with relevant stakeholders to ensure the final roadmap is comprehensive. We also detail a list of suggested work packages that Building Blocks could tackle to help drive your roadmap forward.

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