Experience Design

Site Optimisation Programme

Drive digital success through continuous refinement

Creating compelling customer experiences that surprise and delight users whilst creating maximum business value is a key objective for any digital marketing team. However, realising this ambition is no easy feat.

In order to create superior digital experiences, organisations must first commit themselves to getting closer to their end users, establishing what their users are seeing, thinking, feeling and experiencing as they interact with their business.

Establishing appropriate mechanisms to turn this user insight into digital optimisation initiatives can feel like climbing an insurmountable mountain. There are many challenges around which tools to use, which metrics to gather, and establishing the necessary analytical skills to get the best from your data.

Our Optimisation Programme brings you closer to understanding your end users and delivers insights to continually refine your digital proposition. On a monthly basis our expert team of consultants work with your digital team to define, plan and execute research assignments from analytical reviews to user testing, IA audits to A/B testing to help deliver the business insights you need, as and when you need them.

Our optimisation programme is tailored to your organisation. Therefore, if you’re just starting out on your optimisation journey and need support in helping to establish working processes, or if you’ve already embarked on your optimisation journey but are struggling to see the business benefit – this programme is the perfect fit for you.

Our Optimisation Process

Our optimisation programme operates as a consultancy service. Each month you will be allocated a pot of consultancy hours. Our consultants will then work with you to define and execute a series of concentrated research/optimisation activities focused around what you are looking to achieve.

Companies with significant increases in sales are completing 6.45 A/B & MVT tests per month.