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Digital Mesaurement Framework

Define & measure your digital KPIs

Maintaining the investment and dedication needed for implementing your long-term digital strategy requires solid evidence of success and business impact, delivered in a format which can be easily understood by the key digital stakeholders within your organisation.

Proving that you are getting a return on investment for your digital marketing efforts and infrastructure is critical in justifying further budget and resources. We often encounter organisations that have a wealth of metrics and data, but are paralysed by decisions about what to measure, what tools to use and how to interpret metrics in a way that can provide useable and actionable insights.

We offer a structured and methodical process that aims to first help define top-level digital success criteria from a business and customer perspective. Based on these top level success statements, we then work with you collaboratively to develop a detailed Digital Measurement Framework (DMF), which defines individual key performance indicators, measurements methods, targets and reporting mechanisms. Your DMF is aimed at defining the impact of digital within your organisation and the overall success of your digital strategy.

A Digital Measurement Framework is useful for any organisation that is investing in, or planning to invest in, a digital infrastructure, as it provides the rationale for budgetary reviews and future planning. It is also useful for organisations who have an existing digital strategy and have analytics in place, but need more cohesion around interpreting results and measuring the effectiveness and impact of their efforts.


Our DMF Process

Our Digital Measurement Framework process consists of a workshop session and write up of the final documentation.

Firstly, we facilitate a half-day workshop with your key digital stakeholders to work through two key tasks:

Success statement definition

First we work in groups to define headline success criteria statements for your digital strategy from a business and customer perspective. As a group we then prioritise these to identify the three most critical business and customer success statements.

Digital Measurement Framework definition

In the same working groups, we take each success statement and develop detail around key performance indicators and measurement tools and methods.

Following the workshop we write up the session and formulate the full Digital Measurement Framework documents for our Business and Customer success criteria. Taking the workshop outputs, we add further detail in consultation with your organisation around specific marketing targets and reporting requirements.

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