Let's build an unforgettable holiday

Building Blocks provided Corendon with a predictive solution for a personalized approach for almost every aspect in marketing communications. In addition to the well-known digital channels (website, search, display and social) the more traditional channels as print and telephone are also benefiting from these accurate predictions.
Debora de Roos
Marketing Director at Corendon

Choosing your long-awaited holiday is often not an easy task. With almost 2000 different destinations and resorts, Corendon offers a wide range to choose from. For most consumers their holiday is one of the highlights of the year. Therefore, it is of great importance that they will experience an unforgettable holiday. This journey starts with booking a holiday that perfectly matches their personal needs.

To guide their consumers in finding their dream holiday, we built a personalized experience throughout Corendon’s customer journey. Consistently over all channels and touchpoints such as website, e-mail, offline mailings and customer service. We automatically matched the content and offerings with the individual needs of the consumer, find the most appropriate channel and timed our communications based on individual buying pattern predictions. In this way we made sure that their customers feel completely understood. For Corendon this resulted in more turnover, higher customer satisfaction and improved capacity utilization during off-season.

Revenue increase
Increase in conversion rates on mailing

A unique and personalized website experience for everyone.

The shopping experience on Corendon’s website is completely personalized. Its main goal is guide you to the right offer as good and as quickly as possible. Real-time personalization already starts after the first click and with every interaction it gets a better understanding of your needs and gets you closer to your unforgettable holiday. The product listings also take into account other important factors such as reviews and availability.

Consumer result

Every week 240 consumers find their perfect holiday with our guidance. 


A perfectly timed and personalized offer.

Highly personalized content
Forget about generic mailing campaigns.Every customer receives a customized mail with personalized and relevant content. This resulted in an increase in CTR, conversion rates and a substantial decrease in unsubscribers for their direct marketing.

Perfect timing
Most people only book their holiday once or twice a year. Therefore, timing of the offering is crucial for the conversion rates. Is the consumer ready to book or does he need more inspiration? Sending an offer at the right time will increase the probability that the customer will actually book the holiday suggested. Therefore, the timings are based on individual buying patterns.

Customer service

A personal touch.

To create consistency over all touchpoints in the customer journey, we gave customer service center agents instant insight in the recommendations the consumer receives in the other challes. Based on these recommendations they have information about the customers taste and can easily give a personal touch to their conversations.

Together with Corendon we are continuously building a more personalized experience and work towards their vision of a completely data driven customer journey. We started with e-mail marketing, but quickly expanded towards different channels such as the website, customer service and even their offline mailings.

Let's build a partnership.

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