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Looking for a challenging internship in data science?

As a Data Science Intern within Building Blocks, you will become part of our energetic and ambitious team. You will get valuable insights regarding your thesis subject or the work-field, while simultaneously acquiring all necessary skills for your future career in Data Science!

This is your dream internship when...

  • You aim to explore the work-field of Data Science;
  • You want to further develop your programming skills, but moreover you want to develop yourself professionally;
  • You love to get involved with different client-projects;
  • You want to see and experience how your academic knowledge is put into practice;
  • You are looking for an ambitious work environment with a flat organizational structure;
  • You want to actually become part of our team, where you will be recognized as a valued colleague (instead of being ‘the intern who gets the coffee..’);
  • You are looking for a fulltime graduation internship or work-along internship for a minimum of 5 months, from September 2021 onwards;
  • Together with us, you want to work on improving our products, our services, and our organization. Let’s build!

From our experience, people currently pursuing a University MSc degree in Econometrics, Mathematics, Data Science, or related quantitative studies were often a good fit. Also, it is important to use that you currently reside in the Netherlands, so you can experience your internship (partially) at our office. You can join us as a work-along intern (meewerkstage), or you can join us as a graduate intern. Thesis subjects from last year were for example Augmented Analytics or Recommender Systems. Next to our topics, you may also express your specific interests considering the topic, and together we will come to a thesis project that suits your wants and needs!

As a graduate intern, Building Blocks has fully embraced me as part of the team. Building Blocks empowers me to excel in writing my thesis on the one hand and gain valuable experience in a pacesetting business environment on the other. This twofold experience is what makes it so much more exciting than a regular thesis project!
Joep Sterk

This is what you can expect from us...

We will facilitate a vibrant and energetic working environment where you won’t be taken for granted! Of course, you will be rewarded for you hard work and dedication by receiving an internship allowance, but we will also offer you a range of other benefits! Needless to say, we will offer you an epic and challenging internship where you will be enabled to actually make impact. You will become one of our valued team members, and be involved with many different aspects of our organization (think of commerce, innovation, or strategy). Furthermore, you will get flexible arrangements concerning when and where to work, which includes (partially) working from home. Lastly, we love celebrating our successes together, so be prepared to join some epic team activities during your internship (when the situation concerning COVID allows so)!

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