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Starter/Experienced   |   Tilburg/Amsterdam

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We will facilitate a vibrant and energetic working environment where you won’t be taken for granted. Of course, you will be rewarded for you hard work and dedication by receiving your base salary including holiday allowance and 13th month, but we will also offer you a range of other benefits! Needless to say, we will offer you an epic and challenging job at the coolest company. You will get unlimited holidays, since we believe you’re capable to decide for yourself in your and our interest. Also, you will get a personal development budget and mobility plan, all tailor made to your needs. Furthermore, we believe that we are all responsible for Building Block’s success, which is why you will get a share in the company in the form of certificates!

Any questions? Feel free to send an email to our Recruitment Officer, Susan Groenewegen, at! 

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