Consumer AItoo challenging?You areready for it!

Building Blocks is the #1 in Consumer AI. We empower companies to act in consumers’ favor, let’s kick-start your journey and profit from Artificial Intelligence in only a few weeks. Drive business growth, enhance your brand experience and turn consumers into loyal fans.

The first step? Plan a quick demo session with one of our AI specialists. We look forward to meeting you!

The #1 in Consumer AI

No need for changein marketing tools and software.
Turn your datainto value easily.
Start small& realize fast with today's challenges.

Let's kick-start your Consumer AI journey together

We know it can feel hard to start with Consumer AI. You might think you don’t have the right data & IT resources, not enough people to take care of it, or not the knowledge for it in-house. Forget about that and kick-start your journey right now!

  • Grow your customer base
  • Boost conversions
  • Prevent churn
  • Improve cross- and up-sell

No need for change in marketing tools and software

Whether you use Mailchimp, Hubspot, Magento, Salesforce or any other tool to interact with your consumers, we easily connect and integrate all tools in your suite. We will take care of it and you will have no hassle with your IT.

  • No extra marketing tools & software needed
  • Seamless integrations in existing processes
  • We take care of it

Don't think you need a 360 customer view to start

Don’t be afraid to start using Consumer AI, if you don’t have a 360 ̊ customer view yet. Start with the data at hand. Whether it’s transaction data, clicks in a newsletter or on a website, customer service tickets, or any other (E-)commerce data, we turn your data into value.

  • Easy and safe data drop-off
  • We take care of the data
  • Turn your data into value

Start small with today's challenges

Together we meet your challenges of today. In small, but fast, steps we build personalized touchpoints with your customers from the very first moment.

  • Solve today’s problems
  • Quick personalized touchpoints with consumer
  • Direct KPI improvement

We'll make it happen

We’ll make sure you’ll realize fast results right away! You’ll have direct insights into the improved customer experience and business results.

  • Increase cross & upsell
  • Improve the customer experience and loyalty
  • Prevent churn

Schedule your kick-start session now!

We totally understand that setting your first steps in the world of Artificial Intelligence may feel challenging and exciting at the same time. But no worries, we will make sure that it will be a success in your organization, and both your consumers and your business will profit from the value that AI brings. That’s why we love to take you by the hand and kick-start your journey together.

The first step? Plan a quick demo session with one of our AI specialists. We look forward to meeting you!

Otto started already with Consumer AI

In just 2 weeks, we realized integrated dynamic pricing into the website of Otto making them ready for Black Friday!

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