Let's build a loyal and healthy portfolio

Since our start in 2002, Intrasurance has been working entirely digital. Data flows through the veins of our company. However, impact on your total business model only arises when you add intelligence to the data and are able to bring it to production. In Building Blocks we have found a partner in our eco-system that ensures that data from the different units are converted into relevant predictive insights and impactful actions. This resulted in a significant performance increase in our portfolio and above all a very satisfied customer. 
Frank Cooler
CEO at Verzekeruzelf.nl

Let's build meaningful consumer relationships.

Transparency in the insurance market has empowered consumers to easily compare premiums of all available insurers. As consumers often don’t have the knowledge to compare different insurance products, premiums are the main driver of differentiation.

For Verzekeruzelf.nl premium is given and it’s, therefore, their challenge to focus on attracting the right consumers. As more policyholders don’t mean by default a healthy combine ratio. As a fully digital player, it is essential they know which consumers could be loyal to their brand and will contribute to a healthy portfolio to effectively steer marketing campaigns.

Combined ratio improvement
Customer growth in targeted groups

Lifetime predictions

We started off with analyzing the current portfolio of Verzekeruzelf.nl. To get insights in the most loyal and profitable segments, the consumers that positively contribute to a healthy portfolio. Hereby we take into account the characteristics of the product, such as the type of insurance contract and the object insured. Besides we look at the characteristics of loyal policyholders such as their age and demographics. Based on these lifetime predictions we found the most valuable segments and their volumes.


Attract the most valuable segments

Now we now know which consumer segments are of high value to Verzekeruzelf.nl, they pro-actively steer their marketing activities on attracting these segments. As we already took into account the ‘variables’ which can be targeted on in for example Google Ads and Facebook they now are targeting their campaigns in a data-driven way. So ads are only shown to consumers that could have an interest in Verzekeruzelf.nl.

Want to get more return from your existing customer base with hyperpersonalization?

Our customer success experts would like to help you on your way to always being relevant to your consumers! Discover in the Inspire Product Guide how our AI decisioning engine can significantly improve both conversion and customer loyalty, or request a demo.