Let's build relevant and inspiring promotions

Koos Schepens
Manager Marketing Automation & Digital Channels

Let's build meaningful consumer relationships.

Sligro services food professionals and small to medium-sized businesses. With several B2B wholesalers to choose from, their consumers are always searching for the best deal. A high percentage of their sales is therefore directly coming from promotions. Together we create the perfect promotion folder, taking into account revenue, margin, and traffic to their psychical stores.

It’s Sligro’s goal to become more than a B2B wholesaler, a B2B player that meets the increasing consumer expectations originated from the B2C market. With their consumer intimacy strategy, it’s their mission to advise their consumers on how to become even better food professionals and build on long-term relationships. That’s why we inspire and surprise consumers with personalized and relevant recommendations. To assist their customers so that they can seamlessly run their business.

Increase in traffic to stores
Increase in basket value
Recommended promotions that are bought

The perfect promotion folder

To build an effective promotion folder consisting of more than 500 products, the predicted uplift for each product is determined. Based on these insights Sligro can adjust the promotion folder accordingly and steer on revenue, margin, and traffic to their stores.

Sales of many products within the assortment of Sligro are influencing the sales of other products. To effectively predict uplift we, therefore, take many indicators into account such as baseline sales and the impact on complementary and substitute products.

Consumer result

Every day we help 200000 consumers with becoming an even better food professional 


A personalized folder

To make sure customers don’t miss out on the most relevant promotions for them, we build a personalized contact strategy for each customer. We recommend promotions based on historical buying patterns, the products they are likely in need of. In addition, we surprise the customer with relevant promotions that he or she hasn’t bought before but are likely relevant additions to their assortment.


A personal promotion

To get really personal, personalized promotions are used to engage the consumer with Sligro. These promotions are timed based on deviating buying behavior. Do we notice that a customer hasn’t bought a particular product he or she has been buying before we give an extra discount to activate the consumer. Or didn’t the customer come to the store for a long time then personalized promotions are sent with the most relevant products with sharp pricing. By giving the customer some extra when needed, we make customers of Sligro come back to their stores.

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Hemko van Wezel
Marketing Director