Let's build an omni-channel experience

The Recommender Mirror knows our assortment and works with live data. It offers relevant recommendation to our consumers and has the potential to be a valuable complement to our sales respresentatives. In this way they can focus on  personal interactions and assistance.
Michelle Hendricx
Marketing Manager at Jeans Centre

Let's build meaningful consumer relationships.

The last couple of years Jeans Centre has invested heavily in data management and is, therefore, able to adopt new technological innovations that enhance the customer experience, also in the offline environment. According to Jeans Centre’s research, their customers have a more than average need for service and advice. Therefore, Jeans Centre wants to guide their customers throughout the whole customer journey when visiting a store. Jeans Centre was searching for new ways to connect the offline and online environment more effectively. In such a way that the intelligence from the data generated by their web shop can be used to enhance the customer experience in their physical store.

It’s our goal to combine Data Science and Machine Learning with audio-visual technologies to transform the offline retail environment into a surprising and personalized shopping experience. On top of that, integrate data insights from the offline environment to the online environment and vice versa.


The Recommender Mirror

The recommender mirror is a smart mirror equipped with Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms. It detects the items the customer is holding in front of the mirror with RFID tags and generates personalized recommendations in real-time. The Recommender Mirror is developed in collaboration with First Impression, which is an expert in the field of audio-visual technologies.


In-store digital assistance

Real-time recommendations
Guide the customer in their buying process with intelligent assistance and real-time recommendations, and boost cross- and upselling.

Mirror the sales representative
Based on product profiling and image recognition techniques the mirror is able to predict which products are often bought together or have a similar style. The combination of human and artificial taste makes the recommendations very accurate. On top of that the mirror is aligned with the stocks of the particular store, to be sure that it never recommends items that are out-of-stock.

Offline and online integration
Leverage consumer data from the online environment in physical stores and vica-versa to create a consistent customer journey and become a true omni-channel retailer. To even further improve and personalize the in-store experience the mirror can be connected with apps and loyalty cards.

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